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It's never too late

Is there ever a time to not let your loved ones know how much you love them?

So, I've been keeping up with mostly everyone's Lj's from time to time.

Sarah, bless your heart child! May the Lord bring you all the joy and love you deserve, and help you to pee. "They burrowed everywhere!"

Vanessa, my sweet dear, my prayers and blessings for your new child.

Kiddo (you know who you are Miss Kelseeeeeeeee ^_^) I do so hope that you enjoy this 21st birthday thing for awhile and quickly forget, because you'll only start to feel old like me *lol*

Jenn-Dead God woman! Put some clothes on! I know you're hot in the sexy kind of way, but it's frickin December! *luv ya, always blessings for you and your man*

Jenyo - Call me darlin', I miss you. 419-308-2108 is my Verizon cell.

Aaron Oney! Sexy man, that's all I can say.

J-Ro - remember that I'm the only V-Bu , but it's still not as cool as yours. Call me sometime, and I need to ask you about Liz Vaught, I still have all her things and she wanted them back a year ago.

Joy - Make sure to clean off that windsheild before driving young lady! Oh, and my apartment or Jess's apartment is always open for a visitor (come by sometime, we'd love to have you for a few days and serve you food and drink and the best tea evar! Besides, I'll die without a Joy Poetry fix!)

Love to anyone I've missed, but I do love you.

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