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24 October
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Lived here and there. Middletown for 6yars, outside of Trenton 14yars, planet earth all my life, Heaven all the time befor I was born, and all the time after I die.
If ever you need anything, remember, I'll be there. Council, love of any sort, protection, friendship, money, anything, just ask and I'll try my hardest!

Imagine all the people.

Until it's all a memory, I
want to ask that everyone prays for Hannah Brooks.
Thank God it's over now, thanks to all who prayed.

I'm here in Bowling Green State University (Ohio -it's really the whole town) for a grand total of 8 semesters. *And there was much rejoicing* (yeah)
I'm in love with education, women of high intellect, men of strong character, and literature/poetry that are pleasant or moving in one's heart.
I'll be here to learn "how to" teach high school killers how to "blow shit up" (Science teacher).
If you ever need me, I check my email very often.

Love you all!

"You get what we all get...a lifetime"

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