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Pain, pain is where I seem to be heading.

Straight A's, Dean's List, fine house, money in the bank, classes lined up for early graduation, roomates all picked out for our farm outside of town, beautiful wife (most beautiful woman in the world who has captured my heart), and a good path ahead of me.

Why is it that I don't want it, that I want to be out there on the road to Oregon or New York, finding the next parking lot to stay for the night? Why the need to be free, to find what is beyond the last hint of sunshine, starlight, and the setting of the moon? I need it, and somehow I've been chained so well I can't even begin to slip this place like I once could to find myself in a church yard at 6am weeping in the snow at the feet of Mary, driving back from that Chicago parish to Ohio in time for morning classes and the knowledge that death rode with me that night but let me be once I found the meaning for the drive.

Is it death I seek again, or is it just the beyond I'm trying to see from behind these walls...and why no windows...

Listen to Keane, you'll understand.

Be good,
Namaste' (The God in me sees, and honors, the God in you)
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