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Pocket - Death - Watch (*DA on the fritz, it's about loving someone even at the end of life)

Just once I looked further
Saw sunlight coming quick
Hoped it would heal her
Time warped and sick

If I'm what you saw out there
Let's talk and touch
Like the world's not fair

I held vigil on her body
So fragile in my arms
Wake up, say you're sorry
I won't take the old charms

Will you see
What I said is so
You'd feel if
You only let go

I can't sing it forever
Like a broken pocket clock
It'll catch the chain and sever
Maybe I let it go, not turn the lock

So tell me it's a dream dear
Like a old browned photo
Say it's not real, that it's what I fear

The first touch burns so fine
Like rain falling on weathered tin
The music breaks me in time
Shows off every mark and sin

I have nothing, left for me to fear
Not to let go
Just that you won't be as near

Please save me from my widow
But something about it's new
She finally tells me sweet and slow
I'm sorry, I still love you.
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