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"Papa died Sunday, and I understood"

I just killed a baby Racoon.
I ran it over.

Went back to make sure it was dead, had to run over it to
put it out of misery.

It was one of three I saw. One was already dead in the middle
of the road where the other two were together next to the body.
Now there is only one alive that hid in the woods near the road.

I hurt now.
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Sorry sweetie. I was in the city a while back and saw a bird trying to flap between cars at a stop light, half of it had been smashed. It was only barely alive. It's gut wrenching to kill an animal, or to see it hurt. At least you did the right thing.
Thank you darling, I appreciate the moral support.
I needed your comment so thank you.

Good to hear from you, hopefully I'll get some
time to read up on the last few years of your
life and see what's been going on.

Talk to you later darling,
I'm sorry, sweetie. I've never hit anything, I would be a wreck if I did.... *hug*
thanks for the hug darling,
I appreciate it.
I'm doing better, but it was just a bit much at the time.

Hope to see you soon darling,
*but I'm working 5-7 nights a week for awhile*

*hugs* It's better you put it out of its misery, than to let it suffer more. But that's never an easy thing to do...I'm sorry.
Thank's lil' sis, sucks, but true.
Love ya sis, *hugs back*
How are things?

Not an easy thing to do, but the right one nonetheless. You doing alright otherwise?
I'm alright darling,
I appreciate the thoughts.

Good to hear from you,
I haven't been around
online if you've noticed.

Talk to you soon,